New Essay in Understanding Nancy, Understanding Modernism

Edited by Cosmin Toma as part of the book series, “Understanding Philosophy, Understanding Modernism,” published by Bloomsbury Academic, Understanding Nancy, Understanding Modernism (2023), is an exciting new collection of essays (21 in all) that together speak to the remarkable range of Jean-Luc Nancy’s work.

Contributors includes some of my friends and collaborators: Stefanie Heine (on the botanic afterlife of the literary absolute), Michael Krimper (on disenclosure and Mbembe), Andrea Gyenge (on the mouth in Nancy’s Ego Sum), Ginette Michaud (on philosophy and literature), and Ian James (on science and technique). Along with other notable scholars, including Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, Jeff Fort, Jérôme Lèbre, and many others.

My own contribution, “Exscription,” is a short essay included in the “Glossary” section of “signature terms,” where I briefly discuss this neologistic concept of Nancy’s, as central within the context of his work and in relation to contemporary ethical and political concerns.

This is a fabulous collection that significantly advances our reading and understanding of this important thinker. I can’t recommend it enough. Be sure to ask your library to order a copy!

  1. Terrific! Hope the library acquires digital edition. See you this summer sometime, eh!

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