I am an art historian and queer theorist, and my research, teaching, and writing bring together late twentieth-century and contemporary art and architecture; contemporary continental philosophy (especially the work of Jean-Luc Nancy and Giorgio Agamben); and issues of gender and sexuality, bodies and pleasures, pornography and eroticism.

My work is driven by ethical concerns and questions of sociality, intimacy, and ways of being-together as structured in terms of anonymity, the clandestine, the irreparable, promiscuity, and other non-sovereign (unbecoming) forms of freedom.

Unbecoming Community is about a shared rapport with others in that which passes away, disappears, is already-unmade, what is profane, what does not always leave a trace, and what is (more likely than not these days) on the verge of extinction. It is in this way that unbecoming remains while it lasts: its passing away is at the same time its lasting.

Both of my previous books: The Logic of the Lure; and The Decision Between Us; and the two monographs I am currently working on: The Intimacy of the Outside: essays on the erotic aesthesis of the common; and Extinction Aesthetics: The Collective Afterlife of Things, are attempts to theorize unbecoming community as an erotic availability, an ethical disposition and existential mode, and an aesthetically perverse commitment to the world and those with whom we share it.

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